Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Honour of being Knighted

Last week, our Coach named who would be the captain and assistant/back-up captain for Team Canada. In the past, our team captains have never been much more than someone to participate in the coin toss, but as we approach the world stage, I believe that the captain will be play a pivotal role in maintaining the composure of the team by making the big saves or scoring the big goals that allow the flow of the game to turn into your favour. I was one of 3 of our members (myself, Jordan Marks, and Luke Galvani), who said they would be up to the challenge and responsibility of being the team's captain. All three of us have been putting our all into the team in numerous areas such as publicity, sponsors, play-making, and dedication to practicing, but we all couldn't be the captain.

Ultimately, our coach, Gordon Marks, named myself to be the Team Captain and Jordan Marks to be the Assistant Captain. It's a title that I've held in the past, but as I said earlier, this time it will be more than just because we need a team captain for the coin toss. I feel honoured to be able to say that I'm the captain of such an amazing group of athletes, and I'm glad to have Jordan there for support. It's truly inspirational how far we've come in the last year through our practice and extraordinary fundraising efforts. It has been a great learning experience for myself as I helped with finding sponsors and getting us as much publicity as possible.

Besides winning and supporting my teammates, I plan to continually update this blog with how we're doing and pictures. I'm not sure how much free time I'll have, or if I'll have the energy to do this, but I will do my best to post somethings for everyone to see how we're doing.

As for what I plan to bring back as a souvenir.... :)

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