Friday, 21 October 2011

As the Excitement Swells....

I am so very pleased with the build up of excitement around our first National Team!

Back when we started training, I feared that we wouldn't receive the coverage and support that a National Team should garner, but thanks to the hard work of our team and our supporters, my fears have been squelched. We are riding high on the clouds with the hopes and expectations of those who look to us for great things, and we'll try to not disappoint!

Despite the praise and reverence we've had cascade upon us as of late, this isn't so much about us being praised as it is about having the sport we love put into the spotlight across Canada. Our success will be measured not only by the trophy we hope to bring home, but also, through the growth of Powersoccer across Canada. Only time will tell if our hard work has helped Powersoccer to grow in Canada, but I am certain of one thing, it is just the beginning.

Team Canada with our great supports Rob Ellis and Calista Johnston-Parkin after they gave us our uniforms.

Team Canada with Rick Mercer!

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