Monday, 2 April 2012

Starting A Movement

Today in my Organizational Behaviour class, we went over how to successfully create change in a business. My professor started off by showing us this 3 minute TED video that captures virtually everything you need to make a successful change/movement.

There are a lot of things in such a short video, but the key points are:
  1. Leaders need guts to create a movement/change.
  2. The initial followers active as leaders and must be treated as equals.
  3. Leaders are responsible for nurturing followers.
  4. Movements/change must be public.
  5. More followers = less risk for newcomers.
  6. Focus on the vision/movement/change rather than the people.

There are more subtle points, but these are the more important ones in my opinion.

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  1. Hey,

    I like this video... I am also a business major in the USA and I like the example that this video shows.

    Thank you